A Sanctuary of Sustainable Agriculture

SMS is home to biodynamically tended medicine and food gardens in farm and forest settings, incorporating chickens, sheep, and cows into a biodynamic farm management plan. Agriculture is a living, integral component of any experience at SMS.

Our land hosts 16 varieties of heirloom apples, peaches, persimmons, mulberries, blackberries, wineberries, and blueberries, as well as 
a number of native, western, and Chinese medicinal herbs, and a community vegetable garden.


A Sanctuary of Learning  
The Learning Village at SMS hosts educational programs which encourage reverence and relationship with the natural world and support integrated evolution of the whole human being.

Circle of Seasons is a cooperative learning environment for grades 1-8, which offers a seasonally thematic, Steiner-inspired, full academic program, enriched with nature-centered activities and specialty classes.

Starseed Forest Kindergarten is a nature-centered learning co-operative for ages 3-6. Starseed offers the nurturing rhythms of Steiner-inspired early childhood education, in beautiful setting of fields, farm and forest, allowing intimate observation of the seasonal cycles.

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Wednesday July 23rd, 4:30-
Where: The Learning Village at Sacred Mountain    Sanctuary, 96 Rocky Cove Rd, Candler, NC 28715
What:  An opportunity to visit our beautiful learning spaces, meet our teachers, see student work, experience the magic of the land, and learn more about our unique programs

Contact: 828.242.3937

Growing Goddess
Summer Camp for young women 
Ages 11-14

​Join us for this 5 day Rite-of-Passage journey honoring the sacred time when a girl is becoming a woman.  Within a community of supportive sisterhood, we reveal each young woman’s unique inner gifts and glimmering authenticity, while nourishing a connection to self, others and & nature.