The Learning Village

The Learning Village at SMS hosts educational programs which encourage reverence and relationship with the natural world and support ensouled learning with head, heart and hands.
​Circle of Seasons is a learning environment for grades 1-8, which offers a seasonally thematic, Steiner-inspired, full academic program, enriched with nature-centered activities and specialty classes.
Starseed Forest Kindergarten is a nature-centered early childhood for ages 3-6. Starseed offers the nurturing rhythms of Steiner-inspired early childhood education, in beautiful setting of fields, farm and forest, allowing intimate observation of the seasonal cycles.

Summer Camp Programs

​SMS hosts a variety of spring and summer camp programs for children ages 3-16.
Our programs connect kids with the natural world and their own true nature. We provide experiences that empower growth in self-awareness and independence, inspire cooperation through community living, and foster a deeper appreciation and respect for the ecology of the earth. Inspiring skills of awareness and listening, teamwork, and empowerment as we learn:​
  • Community Connection- Storytelling, team building, games, songs
  • Ancestral Crafts- basketry, water vessels, clay cookware, natural pigments
  • Primitive Skills- debris shelters, flint-napping, cordage, friction fire
  • Plant Wisdom- Identifying edible and medicinal plants, medicine making
  • Nature Awareness- tracking, bird language, camouflage, stalking, mapping

NEW Spring 2016! Equestrian Connection Program

New to The Learning Village this spring 2016, with drop-in dates throughout the Winter for prospective students and families to check out the program. Our Equestrian Connection program will include the following activities:
  • Secure Seat Training
  • Mindful Grooming
  • Groundwork
  • Relationship Training with Horses
  • ​Equestrian-Facilitiated-Learning and HeartMath Mentoring
Our EC program steward, Joy Kennedy, is currently scheduling the following actives by appointment:
  • Trail Riding 
  • Plant Trail Rides 
  • Trail Ride Picnics 
  • Equine Wilderness Camping
For more information or to schedule an appointment:

Nature Immersion & Forest Therapy

Personal Retreats

We provide personal transformational programs custom designed for your needs. Our community of healers and naturalists offer a wide array of workshops and private sessions.
Among the services offered are:
  •   Massage and Bodywork
  •   Yoga and Meditation
  •   Qigong and Tai Chi
  •   Guided Hikes
  •   Plant Wisdom, Wildcrafting, and Ancestral Crafts
  •   Nature Awareness and Primitive Skills


​​​Sacred Mountain Sanctuary Non-Profit Status

​SMS has been officially awarded our 501c3 Non Profit status, so all donations are tax deductible. This has been in the making for quite some time, and we are elated to announce this! This dates back to our inception in 2011.

​​​2016 Capital Campaign

​​Please consider a contribution in support of our sacred service to children and the natural world.  Donate by clicking the link below