Animals at Sacred Mountain Sanctuary

At SMS, we live in deep relationship and communion with our animal companions.  SMS is home to horses, sheep, longhorn cattle, chickens, dogs, cats, and amazing wildlife.  In keeping with our mission to provide Sanctuary for all life, we honor our collective agreement to do no harm to any animal life in our Sanctuary.

SMS also hosts educational and contemplative animal programs and workshops.  We are also home to Liminal Equus, a holistic barn ​that practices Presence and Mindfulness, while engaging the sacred bond between humans and horses. Liminal Equus also offers memberships in a CSH-Community Supported Horsemanship- program, which, for a small fee, provides the many benefits of horse ownership without the increased financial burden, uncertainty and time commitments that often come with owning one's own horse. ​  Click here to learn more about Liminal Equus and the CSH program.
You may also contact Joy Kennedy, founding visionary of Liminal Equus, and Animal Arts at SMS.