Community at Sacred Mountain Sanctuary

The natural world is the larger sacred community to which we belong. To be alienated from this community is to become destitute in all that makes us human.  To damage this community is to diminish our own existence.- Thomas Berry
As a diverse and unified community, residents at SMS strive to fully realize and reflect the founding vision and mission of SMS, by living in sacred relationship with the land and all life that it supports. To take up residence in a Sanctuary is to live in sacred intimacy with the land and all life that it supports- whether  humans, animals, plants, soil, water or rocks.  Living full or part time at SMS is akin to living in a ‘practice community’, where residents are committed to the embodying the values, vision and mission of SMS in practical, everyday ways.  Although SMS has no specific affiliation with a single spiritual or religious tradition, residents here are deeply connected to one another through service to something bigger than themselves, and a sacred agreement to support the ‘health of the whole’, so that it may support us as individuals.  

We want our community to remain dynamic, open and full of vitality.  We hope grow and build it's strength through expanded relationships with farmers, neighbors, practitioners, householders, schools...all in the Hominy Valley, greater Asheville, or beyond who feel called to collaborate with us in some way. As a gesture of welcoming,  we have  future plans to expand our trails, organic/biodynamic gardens, beekeeping, and to build indoor/outdoor sacred gathering spaces for the enjoyment of residents, their guests, and the greater community of visitors we hope to welcome into the Sanctuary.

Sacred Mountain Residential Community

​The SMS residential community is located on 41 acres of land adjacent to The Learning Village.  Although incorporated as a separate entity,  the activities of the community are interwoven with all facets of the greater SMS vision. Many residents are teachers or staff who work at The Learning Village, have children who attend programs there, or are involved in the conservation activities, biodynamic agriculture, or cottage industries that occur at SMS.   Click here to learn more about the SMS residential community.

Service Hermitage at Sacred Mountain Sanctuary

A Service Hermitage residency at SMS offers the opportunity to cultivate an intimate relationship with the land, one's self, and others, through service to and stewardship of the SMS project. Service Hermitage may function as a temporary/seasonal opportunity to share skills and passions, as well as learn and grow while immersed in a supportive service learning environment.  Service hermitage may also function as an introductory process for more permanent residency, employment or a participatory role in one of SMS's many arms of activity. Service Hermitage participants commit to work 15 hours per week in exchange for 'bunkie' housing or camping and the opportunity to participate in SMS classes and events, as the participant's work schedule and needs of SMS allow. Service hermitage positions are generally offered March 21st-September 21st, and September 21st-March 21st, with a minimum stay of one month, and a maximum, continual stay of six months. Click here to learn more.

Community Outreach and Collaboration

COMING SOON!  An expression of our work in the greater community, and more about those relationships - Hominy Valley Organic Farm, Nettle Bee Farms, Beaverdam Community, First Step Farm, Appalachian Seeds, and more....