IMAGINE ​a place where learning is cultivation of deep relationships with self, others and the natural world

IMAGINE​ a place where learning is living, and the curriculum is alive, relevant and engaging

IMAGINE ​a place where learning is deep exploration of personal values, interests, passions & curiosities

IMAGINE…a high school experience that provides an expanded context for personal exploration through self inquiry, contemplative practice, and communion with the natural world.  What if high school invited young people to experience themselves as learning beings in deep participation with Earth's community of life?  What if such an experience organically led to meaningful learning, and naturally emergent academic inquiry? What if high school provided a diverse social context for relational learning?  At IMAGINE, these are questions we carry, and the answers to them will emerge in our work with young people.  

Working with parents, skilled on site & distance learning stewards and faculty, IMAGINE learners will be prepared to confidently enter life after high school & fully engage their chosen lifepath. Working alongside our learning partners in the greater community, learners will gain real life experience of their artistic, professional or vocational interests. Students may even earn credits for their creative projects, travel, volunteer work, musical or artistic endeavors! Our IMAGINE team is weaving together a fully accredited academic curriculum from Oak Meadow, contemplative practices and mentor-guided self inquiry, experiential & expeditionary learning, & guided independent exploration & projects to create a truly unique high school experience. 

What is a 'high school without walls'?

The School Without Walls (SW2) model emerged in the 1970s from an impulse to create more learning freedom.  Each SW2 is somewhat unique, but some common elements are a balanced weekly rhythm that provides space for both guided and independent learning experiences.  IMAGINE's SW2 will offer plenty of time for academic studies, development of contemplative practice, personal projects, domestic/international expeditionary learning, relationship building, & experiential immersion in various artistic or professional venues.  Other SW2s and SW2 initiatives exist in Vermont, New York, Florida, Washington DC, Australia, and several other countries.

How does it work?

With guidance from parents and our Learning Stewards and faculty, each learner's weekly rhythm of IMAGINE classes will be created based on IMAGINE's recommendations, their family's rhythm, their own interests and preferences, and the course catalogue that IMAGINE offers each semester.  The process will resemble that of a traditional college setting, with parents and mentors assisting a student as they browse a course catalogue and craft a course of study.  For example, a learner may sign up for a full roster of classes, filling their days with IMAGINE learning from 9:30-3:30, or they may sign up for 1 or 2 classes, and independently guide the remainder of their high school learning experiences.  Here's a sample of a full roster of classes, or weekly rhythm: 
​Click here to download an application.

Who are the students at IMAGINE High?

IMAGINE learners are inwardly self directed, innately curious, creative,  & inspired by life & learning.  They value the challenges of academic engagement, deep self inquiry, courageous adventure, outrageous creativity, diverse, relational learning, & have an authentic desire to reverently, joyfully, meaningfully participate in Earth’s community of life. IMAGINE learners learn by doing and experiencing...rather than being told what to do. They are called to engage a learning journey that honors their life path, and all life on Earth, and goes beyond the limitations of a traditional high school environment.

What is a 'Living Curriculum'?

It is a curriculum that continually evokes learning-as-communion and that recognizes all life as Sacred, co-evolving, co-emerging. It is learning that invites learners to co-IMAGINE their learning journey.  It is learning spacious enough to embrace the present moment and allow it to enrich or redefine an experience.  It is integrated learning that nests itself within what is emerging NOW.  It is Learning-as-Living, learning as inter-being, learning as participation in Earth's community of life.  Our Living Curriculum engages head, heart and hands with foundational, exploratory, and learner-chosen studies, and can be adapted to reflect any learning style or enriched to honor each learner’s unique life path.

We invite you to join us as we re-IMAGINE high school, and contemplate these questions:

Does the learning environment deepen the learner's connections to self, others, and the world around them?

Does the learning experience enliven relationships and enhance the learner's sense of belonging?

​Does the learning experience invite the learner to consider their values, actions, and intentions as elements of a living system, having integral consequences?

How can IMAGINE faculty and learning stewards encourage learners to co-IMAGINE their own learning journey?

Where are classes held?

IMAGINE programming is hosted in multiple environments. ‘Home’ classrooms are located in The Learning Village at Sacred Mountain Sanctuary, in Candler, NC.  An ‘in town’ gathering space will be established with a partner program.  Experiential/immersive learning and internship practicum will take place on site with our learning partners, artists, & professionals at their own venues.  International & domestic expeditionary studies will take place in various locales around the globe.  We are currently in the process of establishing international learning relationships with programs located in Maine (Chewonki), Ireland, Southern France, Costa Rica and Bali, Indonesia.

How will I learn?

Our faculty and learning stewards will invite IMAGINE students to learn through deep relationship- with themselves, others, and the world around them.  IMAGINE's Living Curriculum is adapted to each student's unique learning style, and is integrated to soulfully engage head, heart and hands.  Authentic learning unfolds under  wise mentorship & skilled guidance from IMAGINE's on site Learning Stewards & Oak Meadow distance learning faculty; through observation, inquiry, experience & participation with artists, professionals and other skilled individuals in our community & abroad; through self reflection & deep contemplation; & through communion and comaraderie with others who are sharing the learning journey.

Will IMAGINE support my transition into college, a career, adulthood?

Your learning journey at IMAGINE will fully support your lifepath, whether you plan to attend a college of your choice, engage a vocation, launch your career as an artist/musician/author/etc, or freely explore the world.  You will emerge from your learning  journey at IMAGINE with the self-knowledge, worldly wisdom and inspiration to fully embrace your lifepath, wherever it may take you!  The treasury of academic, exploratory, and 'real life' learning experiences you've had with IMAGINE will give you the inner clarity to determine a course of study at a university, the courage to explore your path as an artist, musician, doctor, change-maker, etc, and the confidence to engage the adventure of entering Earth's community of life as a young adult.
Many colleges are now expanding their entry requirements to include graduation portfolios, high school credits, or a combination of both.  Our IMAGINE faculty will assist you and your family during your exploration process of secondary education, help direct you to resources and information, and counsel you as you deeply consider your lifepath.

How will I graduate?

There are several ways to complete and document your learning journey at IMAGINE High.

1. You may acquire the total amount of credits necessary for a 'traditional' graduation
2. You may work with our learning stewards to create a graduation portfolio
3. You may design a combination of the above, according to your own needs and lifepath

IMAGINE will be working with the fully accredited Oak Meadow high school curriculum.  Thus, each learner and their family can determine for themselves how they wish to document their learning experience.  Families may work with our learning stewards to determine whether they wish to receive full or partial accredited endorsement for all classes completed during the learning journey with IMAGINE.  Credits are received through dual enrollment at Oak Meadow's distance learning program.  Click here to learn more about Oak Meadow's graduation requirements.

Colleges and universities are currently revolutionizing their admission process and requirements to include student graduation portfolios.  Our learning stewards and faculty will assist each learner as they create a portfolio of their work and experience at IMAGINE.  A graduation portfolio invites the student to gather and document a diverse treasury of their learning experiences, creative endeavors, art projects, community service and other studies, to be submitted to the college of their choice.  Click here for an article and more information about graduation portfolios.

Regardless of their choice to pursue accredited, non-accredited, or combination enrollment, all IMAGINE students will be have access to the same curriculum and instruction, exciting electives, internship options, mentoring/contemplative study, and learner chosen courses of study.

Fees and Value Exchange

In keeping with the economy-as-ecology approach of The Learning Village and Sacred Mountain Sanctuary, IMAGINE will strive to create a rich, economically diverse learning community by offering an affordable, sliding scale fee schedule that allows each family to determine value exchange based on their own comfort level. We also intend to offer multiple work-trade opportunities families and learners that will empower them through economic stewardship of their learning experiences.  We want IMAGINE to be an opportunity that is available to all who are called, and we will work with families to create balanced reciprocity that works for our program budget, while acknowledging each family's ​unique economic circumstances.  The IMAGINE initiative is still developing, and budgetary markers are still subject to change.  We are working with a model that will minimize costs and ​offer a unique, accredited high school experience for a tiny fraction of the cost of private schooling at the high school level.  


Elements of Our Living Curriculum

Language Arts: Literature & Composition 1&2; American Literature; World Literature; British Literature: Faeries & Kings; Women’s Literature; Craft of Poetry; AP English & Composition 

Mathematics: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1&2; Geometry; Math Connections; 
AP Calculus 1,2; AP Statistics

Science: Environmental Science for a Changing World; Biomimicry; Biology/Lab; Chemistry/Lab; Physics; AP Courses in Chemistry, Biology & Physics; Goethean Science

Social Studies: World Geography; World History; World Religions; US History & Government; Social Change; Psychology; AP Macro, Micro & Reciprocal Economics; Media Literacy; AP History & Government

Fine Arts: Integrated Drawing; Design; Painting; Intro to Photography; Contemplative Arts; The Study of Music; Instrumentation

Electives & Internships: Dance; Qi Gong; French; Spanish; Culture Club; Drama; Green Building; Regenerative Design; Animal Care; Horsemanship; Radio Broadcasting; Studio Recording; Cooking & Nutrition; Herbalism; Circus Arts; Puppetry; Web Design; Computer Programming; Beekeeping; Biodynamic Farming; Archery; Fiber Arts; Wilderness Skills; Fashion Design & MUCH MORE

Listening for the Wisdom of Young People

​Charles Kouns of Imagining Learning speaks about his global experiences listening to middle and high school learners as they re-IMAGINE education.

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