Service Hermitage Residency at SMS

We have an innate desire to serve something transcending the separate self. We are interbeings – longing to belong to the whole. We are each other, and we are the world.- Charles Eisenstein
A Service Hermitage Residency at SMS offers the opportunity to cultivate a sacred relationship with the land, one's self, and others, through service to and stewardship of the SMS project. Service may include outdoor physical labor, cleaning, carpentry, gardening, fire-keeping, wood splitting, administrative support tasks or teaching and working with children in our Learning Village. Service Hermitage may function as a temporary/seasonal opportunity to learn and grow while immersed in a supportive service learning environment, or as an introductory process for a more permanent participatory role in one of SMS's many arms of activity.

There are 2 seasonal service hermitage cycles at SMS- Autumn equinox through Spring equinox, and Spring equinox through Autumn equinox. SMS service hermitage housing is provided by our tiny 'bunkie' cabins. Our bunkies do not have heat or electricity, and so may not be appropriate for some during the colder months. The bunkies are served by a community building which has internet, a kitchen, storage pantry, bathrooms and sitting area. There is also a sawdust compost toilet next to the bunkies, which may be used by residents. Details of SMS Service hermitage are outlined below.

Expectations and Agreements
​Service Hermitage Residents must be committed to self discovery and growth through service to the SMS vision and mission.  Service Hermitage Residents are expected to work 15 hours per week in exchange for 'bunkie' housing, and the opportunity to participate in SMS classes and events, as the resident's work schedule and needs of SMS allow. Service hermitage positions are generally offered March 21st-Septemeber 21st, and September 21st-March 21st, with a minimum stay of one month, and a maximum, continual stay of six months. Residents will have access to the community building facilities, but may be required to limit use to downstairs during SMS events. 
  • $150 good faith deposit, to be returned when departing, assuming spaces are left clean and in good condition, and work exchange requirements are met.
  • Not open to couples, pregnant women or families with children.
  • No pets
  • Must be over 21
  • Must have own vehicle/transportation
  • Must be responsible for trash/waste removal
  • Must have experience working outdoors
  • Must have experience and desire to work with or around children, or a skill or passion they'd like to share and deepen through teaching
  • Must have a working knowledge of simple tools (hand saw, drill, hammer, axe, wood splitter, sander, hoes, tiller, other garden and hand tools)
  • Willingness to get dirty, willingness to get clean again!
  • No smoking, alcohol, or drugs of any kind
  • Commitment to keeping spaces clean and orderly 
  • Willingness to work under the direction of SMS staff, while also anticipating needs and lending a helping hand where needed
  • Not codependent- here by choice, not hardship
  • Must agree to a background check
  • Must receive approval to bring guests to SMS, and follow protocol for visitors (waiver,etc)
  • Familiarity with biodynamics and permaculture, Waldorf education, or education in general
  • Commitment to refrain from using harsh chemicals/toiletries
  • Commitment to cook only vegetarian meals onsite, eat organically, compost and minimize waste and trash
  • Transition to quiet time at 10pm
  • Community Building use is limited to cooking, eating, bathing and scheduled office use 

Email Rebecca Vann to inquire and schedule an entry interview.