SMS Visitor Guidelines

Land Access: appointments or event registration are required to visit SMS.

Vehicles: Cars are to remain in designated parking areas at all times, unless other arrangements have been made. ATVs are not permitted.

Conscious Community Awareness: Please leave behind dogs, firearms, fireworks, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and other intoxicants, amplified/ electric music players.

Water: There is plenty of pristine spring water for on-site consumption. SMS encourages mindful appreciation of water, and asks that visitors practice care in the presence of all water sources at SMS.

Respectful Camping and Hiking: Damage to land occurs when surface vegetation or communities of organisms are trampled beyond repair. Hike on established trails and camp in designated areas. Use lightweight camp stoves if you are not in an area with a designated fire ring. Put all fires out with water.

Waste Materials: ALL Trash is to be packed out. Composting areas are available for food/vegetable scraps. Dispersing waste water far away from natural water sources will prevent contamination. Catholes, 6 to 8 inches deep and 200 ft from water, are the easiest and most practical way to dispose of feces.

Leave What You Find: Leaving rocks, plants, archaeological artifacts and other objects as one finds them will allow others to experience a sense of discovery. Similarly, Leave No Trace principles direct people to minimize site alterations, such as digging tent trenches, hammering nails into trees, permanently clearing an area of rocks or twigs, or stepping off trails. Also, take only that which is freely offered from others.

Horses: Horses are permitted on roads only.

Honoring all Things: Cultivating an attitude of gentleness and care towards the land and its inhabitants, as well as buildings, vehicles, tools, and roads will have the least impact and allow others future use and enjoyment of these resources.

Consideration for Other Visitors: Practicing mindful hiking etiquette and maintaining quiet allows all visitors to experience their time at SMS with equal enjoyment.

Compassionate Speech: Compassionate communication refrains from the use of harsh or hurtful language, slander and gossip.