We are working to expand our program offerings and make exciting improvements to our facilities and infrastructure.  We will reopen enrollment for the 2018/19 programming season.  Stay tuned for updates!

Starseed Forest Kindergarten

Our Approach to Early Childhood Learning

Starseed  Forest Kindergarten is a nature centered, outdoor focused learning co-operative for ages 3 - 6, hosted on 90 acres of pristine, magical land. Our program is set in a natural learning/exploring environment, allowing for observation and deep experience of seasonal cycles. Starseed offers the gentle rhythms of Steiner-inspired early childhood education, presented by experienced child-guides, in a beautiful setting of fields, farm, and forest.

Our Starseed child-guides honor the sanctity of early childhood and provide a nurturing, safe, home-like indoor and outdoor environment for the children. Play is the sacred work of childhood, and we provide beautifully simple, natural toys that engage the imagination and reflect the beauty of the natural world. Rhythm, reverence, and presence are are the guidestones of our program. We honor Rudolf Steiner’s indications for early childhood, which do not include the introduction of formal academics, but instead prepare the young learner- body, mind, heart, and soul- for a fully ensouled learning journey in the later years.

Enrollment and Membership

​Starseed operates Monday-Thursday, and offers multiple enrollment options, allowing each family to participate in a way that best supports their child's wellbeing and reflects their readiness to experience a learning and playing environment outside the home.  Our early childhood program engages the entire family, with family/parent child days integrated into our weekly rhythm. 

Starseed Membership Fees

3 Half Days Per Week- Mon(Family Day), Tue, and Wed 9:00 am-1:00 pm. This option is available for 3-6 year olds
$3,660 - $4,770 per year sliding scale, paid over 10 months.

4 Half Days Per Week- Mon(Family Day), T,W,Th 9:00 am-1:00 pm.  This option is available for 3-6 year olds
$4,110 - $6,330 per year sliding scale, paid over 10 months.

4 Full Days Per Week- Mon(Family Day) 9:00am - 1:00pm, T,W,Th 9am - 3pm
This option is available for 5 and 6 year olds.
$4,440 - $6,880 per year sliding scale, paid over 10 months. 

$100 enrollment fee and $250 materials fee per child, due with your application.
For more information, please contact Nicole Almeida at 828.665.6966 or email us at

Resources for Parents

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There was a child went forth every day; 
and the first object he look’d upon, that object he became;
and that object became part of him for the day, 
or a certain part of the day,
or for many years, or stretching cycles of years. 
The early lilacs became part of this child, 
and grass, and white and red morning-glories, 
and white and red clover, 
and the song of the phoebe-bird,
and the third-month lambs, 
and the sow’s pink-faint litter, 
and the mare’s foal, and the cow’s calf… 

Walt Whitman


Our Daily, Weekly, & Seasonal Rhythms

Our daily circle time brings everyone together to enjoy songs, movement, and finger plays that weave together the rhythmic cycles of the year. Story time is a favorite daily experience during which traditional folk tales are shared and elaborated through movement and puppetry. Weekly painting, modeling, cooking and seasonal crafts support eye-hand coordination, fine motor development and an deeply embodied sense of the cycles of nature. And of course, each day also brings plenty of time for outdoor exploration and immersive experience of seasonal rhtyhms on our pristine learning environment of orchards, creeks, fields, farm and forest!
Children learn through imitation, and are reassured by rhythm.  Our child-guides embody a contented, centered presence for the children, and hold the day's activities in a healthy rhythm of in-breathing and out-breathing, focus and expansion, activity and rest. Through painting, bread baking, handwork, cleaning, exploring the forest, tending to the animals and gardens during all seasons, the children are able to observe and participate in meaningful activities that develop their capacities for working with others, while  encouraging deep reverence for the natural world.
 Snack Day Rhythm:
Monday-   Oatmeal and dried fruit
Tuesday- Bread and nut  or seed butter
Wednesday-  rice and carrots 
Thursday-  Bean and veggie soup
​Daily Rhythm
Indoor Play- 9-10am
Clean up- 10-10:10am
Circle- 10:15-10:30am
Snack 10:30-11am
Clean up- 11-11:10am 
Story- 11:10-11:20am
Outside play- 11:30-1pm
Lunch- 1:10-1:40pm 
Chores- 1:40-1:50pm
Rest- 1:50-2:10pm
Outside Play-2:10-3pm​