Stewardship and Sacred Mountain Sanctuary

Our relationship with the earth involves something more than pragmatic use, academic understanding, or aesthetic appreciation. A truly human intimacy with the earth and with the entire natural world is needed.-Thomas Berry
True Stewardship beckons us to listen deeply to the story-of-place, calls us to participate in nature's sacred reciprocity.  We strive to listen deeply, and carry many questions with us as we contemplate our stewardship of resources within the ecology of the Sanctuary. 

Stewardship is an ever-evolving process which organically emerges through contemplative practices of deep listening, intimate observation, and communion with all life within the Sanctuary of Sacred Mountain.  Since 2010, we’ve been deeply listening, uncovering a ‘story-of-place’ that tells itself to us.  It is a rich mythology, revealed in different ways, but this revelatory experience always asks for our intimacy.  The story comes when we put our hands in flowing waters, cultivate gardens, harvest peaches, apples or wineberries, caress or carry a rock, walk quietly through forest pathways, smell pine needles, lay on a hillside to watch the stars, invite farm animals into our laps for a snuggle, or welcome wildlife into the Sanctuary’s safety and fellowship....what a blessed exchange!  What if sharing with one another were always that simple, that intimate, that natural?  ​Within the natural world, it is.​​

What resources are offered freely by the Earth here, and how can we share them?
Where do people live and build houses?  
Where do children learn(everywhere!), and where do we build classrooms?
Where do farm animals and bees live?
Where should medicines and food be cultivated?
How can we care for the water as a sacred substance?
Where are the wildest places, and how do we both preserve them and experience their wildness?
How can we steward the economic wellbeing of the Sanctuary in a new way?

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Questions to Carry

​​What belongs to us, and to what do we belong?

What belongs to the Earth, animals, children, water?

How does one tend a resource with reverence while it is in one's care? 

How does one know what, when and how much to give?

How does one know what, when and how much to receive?  

How does one hold, enjoy and steward a resource while enriching it's dynamic, life giving qualities- just as nature does?