Education as a Sacred Encounter

​The Learning Village grades program combines a Steiner-inspired academic curriculum with nature immersion in a pristine environment of fields, farm and forest.  TLV offers a seasonally thematic learning for grades 1-8.
When entering our campus or classrooms, visitors might notice the care given to create sacred spaces for learning. Our indoor learning environments are attuned, beautiful and harmonious, adorned with student artwork, and meaningful artifacts of learning~ from uniquely created main lesson books, to handicrafts or beautiful treasures gathered from the natural world.   

Developed by Rudolf Steiner in 1919, Waldorf Education is defined by a reverence for the intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physiological needs of the growing child. Waldorf-trained teachers view a child’s learning as a sacred process, and strive to educate the whole child~head, heart, and hands~ with reverence and respect.  Our teachers hold an enduring commitment to the sacred work of education, and continually contemplate these questions:

~How do we call forth enthusiasm for learning and work, an awareness of inter-being with all life, and an abiding reverence for self, others and the natural world?  
~How do we establish within each child his or her own level of striving and excellence in the social, intellectual, kinesthetic and spiritual realms?
~How can we help each learner discover, develop and sustain meaning in their lives?

Within our learning community,  education is participation in the living community of Earth, and the learning journey is about relationships~ with one’s self, others and the natural world.  Our learning environment invites every child to experience an abiding sense of wonder that they may take with them as they live, learn and illuminate the lives of others.​

Ensouled Learning with Head, Heart, & Hands

The TLV grades curriculum and approach are guided by the indications of Rudolph Steiner, and a reverence for the unique learning style and gifts of each learner. Each learner's unique skills, wisdom and interests are drawn forth as they discover, play and grow within a supportive community. The guidance of wise and experienced teachers and ample time in nature support each learner to live fully into their soul's purpose. During each year, or 'learning cycle',  thematic blocks and topics of study are offered through an integrated presentation of language arts, math, science, history, cultural studies, geography, art, handicrafts, and independent projects.  Through stories, mythologies, movement, art, music, poetry, drama, handicrafts, free play, outdoor exploration and quiet self reflection, the chid is holistically engaged in the joyful journey of learning.  Read more about our approach and curriculum below, under parent resources.

Resources for Parents

Membership and Enrollment

The Learning Village offers several options for enrollment, with sliding scale membership fees.

Full Enrollment - Monday - Thursday - 9:00am - 3:00pm 
Monthly $588-$888 sliding scale, plus $250 annual materials fee, and $100 enrollment fee
$80 per month credited upon completion of 4 monthly service hours

Part-time Enrollment - Monday-Thursday - 9:00am - 12:45pm
Monthly $388-$444, plus $150 annual materials/membership fee
$60 per month credited upon completion of 3 monthly service hours

Thematic Block Enrollment 3-6weeks - Monday-Thursday - 9:00am - 12:30pm
Fees vary depending on duration of blocks.  Contact us for details.

For more information, email us at, or contact our program director, Nicole Almeida at 828.665.6966
​Our Vision
To create a sacred space in which we support learners of all ages and abilities to:
 ~cultivate a love for learning~
 ~collaborate with others~
~connect with one’s own inner guidance~
~commune with the natural world~

Our Mission
The illumination and refinement of each individual's unique purpose through ensouled learning with head, heart, and hands.

Our Living Curriculum

​Primary Grades 1-3
Pictorial introduction to the alphabet, writing, reading, spelling, poetry, and drama, presented through folk and fairy tales, animal stories, fables.  Numbers, basic mathematical processes of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.  Nature stories, house building, zoology, music, handwork, basic farm animal care, nature skills and gardening
​Middle Grades 4-6
Writing, reading, spelling, grammar, poetry and drama, presented through Norse myths, history and stories of ancient civilizations.  Review of the four mathematical processes, fractions, percentage,  and geometry.  Local and world geography, comparative zoology, botany and elementary physics. Music, handwork, animal care and husbandry, biodynamic gardening and nature skills
​Upper Grades 7-8
Creative writing, reading, spelling, grammar, poetry and drama, presented through Medieval history, Renaissance, world exploration, American history and biography.  Mathematics, geology, physics, basic chemistry, astronomy and physiology. Music, handwork, animal care and husbandry, biodynamic gardening and nature skills

Our Daily Rhythm of Learning 

9:00- arrival, contemplative walk and quiet morning tasks-tending the animals, garden, spring
9:30- morning block begins-opening circle/listening, songs, sharing, movement, eurhythmy, tai chi/qi gong 
10:00- academic foundations: thematic main lesson blocks that include language, math, art,history, cultural studies, science, and learner-chosen study and research​
11:15-snack and recess
​11:45- Math practice, extra lesson, finish main lesson work
12:45- lunch and recess
1:45- outdoor and specialty classes, fiber arts/handwork, woodcarving, building/carpentry, farming and gardening, primitive skills, music, drama, foreign language, free play, team building activities, games 
2:45- Closing circle/cleanup
3:00- Pick up/departure