TLV Fees and Enrollment

The Learning Village Grades Program Sliding Scale Fees
Four day enrollment, Monday - Thursday, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm 
Annually- $4,444-$6,880
Monthly- 10 installments $444 - $688 
$200 annual materials/enrollment fee- non-refundable

Starseed Forest Kindergarten Sliding Scale Fees
4 days per week/half day
Annually- $3,880-$5,550
Monthly 10 installments $388-$555
$200 annual materials/enrollment fee per child, non-refundable

2 days per week/half day
Annually- $2,220-$4,240
Monthly- 10 installments $222-$424 
​$200 annual enrollment/materials fee per child, non-refundable

Rising Starseed/age 5 and up/4 full days -
Annually- $4,440-$6,880
Monthly- 10 installments $444-$688
$200 annual enrollment/materials fee per child, non-refundable

Farm and Forest Fridays 
Ages 5-7~ co-ed 9am-3pm
Ages 8-14~ Girls: 9am-11:45  Boys: 12:15pm-3:00pm
Sliding scale fee for each 6 week session $266-$399 

TLV Grades and Starseed Shuttle Service
Pick up at 8:30am and drop off at 3:30pm.  Available from the Westgate parking lot (Earthfare) off Patton Ave in downtown Asheville. Not available for Starseed early release at 1:00pm 
$50 per seat per month

For more information, email us at 
or call us during our office hours, Monday - Thursday between 9:30 - 3:00, 828-665-6696

Service Commitment

As part of their membership and value exchange, members are asked to offer 3hours (Starseed Forest Kindergarten) or 4 hours(grades) of service work per month.  Service will include signing up for specific service jobs, plus participation in our 2 annual ‘working bees’ and participation in all activity/event planning circles. A detailed schedule of needs, events and parent jobs will be clearly outlined during the membership orientation workshops, held at the beginning of the year, or at individual orientations scheduled when a family enrolls mid-year. It is essential  that all parents understand the value of their contribution of time, energy and skills.  Please be present for your scheduled service days, and complete the tasks affiliated with your service commitment.
Parents with a special skill may be eligible to contribute supplemental/enrichment classes as a part of their service offering (yoga, art/crafting, music, eurythmy, foreign language, classroom assistance for learning differences, and cooking classes are some possibilities). These service positions require an interview and application protocol.  Additionally, parents who work in the healing or alternative health industry (massage, acupuncture, body-work, etc) may offer their services to our staff and teachers as a part of their service commitment.

Service commitment ‘buy out’ option:
If the schedule permits, and there are enough working parents to cover all needed tasks, TLV may allow parents with no available time to forgo a portion of their service/work obligation for an additional monetary contribution. In lieu the service hours they will not be contributing each month, those parents will add $88/month to one child’s monthly membership fees.  The feasibility of this arrangement will be left to the discretion of the TLV Council. 

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