Water Stewardship at Sacred Mountain Sanctuary

Sacred Mountain Sanctuary is one of the most pristine hydrological locations in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.  Surrounded my thousands of acres of Pisgah National Forest, our watershed is unparalleled in this region, and hosts multiple spring heads.  We are committed to protecting this precious and pure gift from Earth, and are working with the Clean Water Management Fund to conserve the areas surrounding the springs located at SMS.

We've also recognized that the gift of pure, living water is one to be shared with others.  In an effort to raise funds for our education and conservation initiatives, SMS now offers a Water Share program.  A 'water share' is a monthly share of naturally pure, un pasteurized or UV radiated, living spring water from Sacred Mountain Sanctuary’s crystalline spring, given in exchange for a monetary contribution to SMS.  The arrangement is much like a CSA or farm share, where member-subscribers receive a monthly share of the farmer’s harvest.  Like a farm share, the subscription revenues go back to the land at SMS, and assist SMS as it engages the Sacred work of education, conservation, and regenerative land stewardship.

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